Wireless Steam System Monitoring - Armstrong | India

Armstrong International’s superior, groundbreaking solutions provide real-time monitoring of your critical steam traps—or your entire steam trap population.

All of Armstrong’s real-time steam trap monitoring products communicate seamlessly with SAGE®, allowing you to continuously monitor critical traps or your entire steam trap population, all in the same database. You receive instantaneous notifications of any problems, enabling you to repair or replace failed traps before they create serious steam quality issues.

Wireless Steam System Monitoring Products

AIM® (Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring)

AIM® uses a WirelessHART® or ISA100 Wireless™ transmitter mounted at the inlet of any type of steam trap to detect temperature and ultrasonic fluctuations in steam flow. In the event of steam trap failure, a signal is sent to the gateway. AIM® works seamlessly with SAGE® to provide instantaneous notification in the event of steam trap or critical equipment failure.

AIM® & WirelessHART® Steam Trap Monitoring Brochure

AIM® and ISA100 Wireless™ Steam Trap Monitoring Brochure