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Turn to Armstrong International for best-in-class institutional and industrial hot water generation, mixing and precision temperature control, distribution, and state-of-the-art hot water system management.

Armstrong’s in-depth knowledge and experience spans more than a century, allowing us to understand your industry’s hot water system dynamic in ways no one else can. Our dependable, hardworking products, groundbreaking technology, and comprehensive, fully integrated system solutions are engineered to fulfill the most exacting demands for institutional and industrial hot water applications.

  • Superior efficiency, performance and reliability
  • Increased production and yield
  • Lower energy consumption and utility costs
  • Improved compliance and safety
  • Reduced risks for scalding, Legionella, and other waterborne pathogens


All Hot Water Products

Leading-edge products and complete, packaged solutions, tailored for the unique parameters of your facilities and industry.

Armstrong offers a full range of individual state-of-the-art products, including: water heaters, mixing and temperature control, hose stations, variable frequency drive (VFD) pump assemblies and ancillary accessories such as storage tanks, pressure-reducing valves, flow meters, and more. From a complete, fully integrated hot water system for new construction to custom-engineering and turnkey solutions for each of your existing facilities worldwide, Armstrong is your single source solution.

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Armstrong provides hot water system solutions for satisfied customers of all sizes, all over the world.

  • Colleges and universities
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Hospitals and inpatient, outpatient and long-term care facilities
  • Hotels, hospitality chains and luxury resorts
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petroleum and chemical processing

Complete Hot Water System Solutions

Armstrong Heat Pump Packages

Our custom-engineered heat pump packages use waste heat in the production of hot water, for a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency solution that offers significant benefits.

  • Lower operating costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Heating and cooling capabilities
  • Proven reliability
  • Longer lifespan

The ARMSTRONG+COMBITHERM Industrial Heat Pump Package is an essential component in Circular Thermal.

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ABH Gas-Fired Water Heaters—Featuring The Brain® and SAGE®

Armstrong’s configurable rack mounted system with storage tank and digital recirculating valve (DRV) is engineered for reliable, high-efficiency, hot water generation and tailored for your requirements. Includes The Brain® and SAGE® for a complete, pre-piped packaged solution and turnkey installation. Available in 299,000, 399,000 and 599,000 BTU heat exchanger options.

  • Condensing technology delivers up to 99.8% high efficiency heat exchanger design
  • Optimized compliance with ASHRAE188 and other Standards of Care
  • Reduced risks for waterborne pathogen incubation and water temperature injury

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ABH Gas-Fired Water Heater Product Information

Armada℠— Digital Solutions for Healthy Hot Water—Featuring Armstrong Water Heaters, The Brain®, Rada and SAGE® 

Armstrong’s end-to-end domestic hot water system solution offers best-in-class user safety, infection control and compliance—from mechanical room to point of use. Through leading-edge hot water generation, master mixing, and point-of-use control, Armada℠ mitigates incubation of waterborne pathogens, prevents scalding, and provides real-time insights and reporting for compliance with CMS, ASHRAE and other regulatory standards.

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Rada Digital Faucets—Superior Handwashing Safety and Infection Control

Designed for best-in-class safety, health and efficiency, Rada Digital Faucets offer the unparalleled accuracy, stability and safety of The Brain® DRV, microsized in a point-of-use fixture. The Brain® works seamlessly with SAGE® for performance monitoring and documentation.

  • Innovative bacterial-resistant internal design
  • Sensible thermal disinfection protocol—one fixture at a time
  • Programmable hands-free activation, temperature control, and automatic fixture flush to evacuate stagnant water
  • ASSE 1070 approved—no requirement for separate under-sink TMV

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Digital-Flo® Water Heaters—Featuring The Brain® and SAGE®

Armstrong raises hot water system management to a higher level by combining our hot water generation and temperature control hardware with our smart hot water system monitoring and documentation software. The result is a complete, factory-integrated hot water system solution you’ll find only at Armstrong. Available in Steam to Water, Steam to Water Vertical, and Boiler Water to Water solutions.

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Water Temperature Control Product Information (Digital-Thermostatic)

ReadiTemp™ Steam/Water Hot Water System—Featuring Emech®

ReadiTemp™ combines Armstrong’s digital control technology with our instantaneous heat exchanger design to provide superior water temperature control accuracy, component and operation simplicity, and onboard system connectivity. Engineered for higher set point temperature process applications.

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Flo-Direct® Instantaneous Gas-Fired Water Heater—No Steam Required

Flo-Direct® is 99.7% efficient, reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, and is 100% safe for your process—making it ideal for a broad range of hot water applications, including washdown, batch production, vessel filling, tank cleaning and more. Simple in design and operation, Flo-Direct® offers dependability, hassle-free maintenance, low cost of ownership and requires no permits or annual boiler inspections.

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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Pump Assembly

Armstrong VFD Pump Assemblies teamed with Flo-Direct® and our optional storage tanks at a central location allow you to maintain flow and pressure levels at variable usage draw-off points within the hot water distribution system.

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Digital Solutions for Mixing and Precision Temperature Control

The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve (DRV)

As a stand-alone DRV or a pre-piped digital mixing center, Armstrong’s groundbreaking digital recirculating valve improves the performance of hot water systems that use all types of water heating technologies.

Water Temperature Control Product Information (Digital-Thermostatic)

The Brain® DRV25

Our latest generation of DRV uses SAGE® Mobile for full connectivity with smartphone or tablet. Advancements include simpler serviceability, self-diagnostics, notifications, higher pressure rating, programmable thermal disinfection, and no continuous flow requirement.

The Brain® Digital Mixing Center (DMC)

The Brain® DMC is designed specifically to be the primary water temperature controller in a continuously pumped circulating hot water system.

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Emech® Digital Control Valve

Emech® helps you save water and energy and increase productivity as it delivers and maintains water at precision temperatures (+/-1°F, +/-0.5°C)—hot or chilled—immediately on demand. Compared to traditional mixing and control valve systems, Emech® offers a superior performance in terms of speed, precision and reduced mechanical wear.

Emech® Industrial Mixing Center (IMC)

Emech® digital control valve is pre-piped as an industrial mixing center with all requisite installation components for compact design and easy installation. Factory assembled for either non-recirculation or recirculation applications as standard.

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Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Armstrong’s thermostatic mixing valves are designed specifically for use in non-return, “dead leg” applications. We offer a range of products to provide reliable, accurate water temperature control for individual point of use and groups of fixtures in applications with diverse flow requirements.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Emergency Fixtures

Armstrong’s Z358-20 and Z358-40 Thermostatic Mixing Valves are suitablefor installation at or near a point of use for direct tepid water supply to an emergency fixture or grouping of fixtures . Groups of fixtures must meet the valve’s flow capacity requirements if there is a potential for simultaneous operation. Our Z358 series was designed specifically to provide temperature controlled water to emergency fixtures as detailed in ANSI Z358 .1-2014 which states that the temperature of water delivered by emergency equipment should be tepid (between 60°F [16°C] and 100°F [38°C]). Where a chemical reaction is accelerated by the flushing water temperature, a facilities safety/health advisor should be consulted to determine the optimum water temperature setpoint for each application.

Emergency Fixtures

Hose Stations and Washdown Accessories

Armstrong Hot and Cold Water Hose Stations replace the older, basic mixing Y with a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) as the primary water temperature controller. Our Steamix® steam and water hose stations will not pass live steam, even in the event of significant cold water pressure reduction or failure of cold water supply or its primary operating component. Armstrong also offers a full range of performance-matched accessories, including hose, reels and racks, spray nozzles, and more.

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