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As your thermal utility partner, Armstrong solves your problems and prevents them in ways no one else can.

Armstrong’s experts understand the stringent regulations and guidelines for safety and sanitation in the food and beverage industry. We offer a vast array of products, programs, services and online education, designed to reduce risks, ensure compliance and increase safety for your products and staff.

Products and Systems for Food and Beverage

Steam Separators and Steam Filters for Reliable Removal of Impurities

Armstrong’s in-line separators separate condensate efficiently using the centrifugal force of steam or air created by introducing it to a specifically shaped path. The result is improved thermal efficiency and reduced risks for water hammer, equipment corrosion and other problems.

DS Series Drain Separator Product Information

Our industrial stainless steam filters are designed for filtering steam to yield low differential pressure at high flow rates. Suitable for process steam and culinary steam applications in the food and beverage industry.

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Our Automatic Steam Quality Monitoring is Faster, More Reliable and More Accurate Than Manual Methods

Armstrong’s Steam QM®-1 automatically detects the dryness fraction of steam and provides continuous steam quality measurement data trending over time.

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Hose Stations That Will Not Pass Live Steam

Armstrong hose stations improve efficiency and reduce risk when mixing steam and water at the point of use for wash-down. Our hose stations will not pass live steam, even in the event of a significant cold water pressure reduction, complete failure of the cold-water supply, or failure of its primary operating component.

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Instantaneous Hot Water Generation and Digital Temperature Control for Tighter Process Control of Hot Water and De-Steaming

Armstrong offers state-of-the-art solutions for industrial hot water generation, +/- 1°F temperature control, distribution, and point of use. We also provide de-steaming solutions that generate hot water for washdown with 99.7% efficiency without changing water chemistry.

Hot Water Solutions for Process

Digital Hot Water System Solutions Brochure

Armstrong can also help you satisfy global water quality standards for clean, safe outgoing water that meets bottle water and food ingredient water standards for direct use without additional filtration.

Discover More Efficient Generation of Hot Water for Process or Washdown

Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heaters

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