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Is your 21st-century company running on 20th-century steam generation?

Steam is the lifeblood of countless enterprises, ranging from hospitals and universities to food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies. But whether you’re in healthcare, education or manufacturing, your reliance on steam means you face a growing list of challenges, including scarce capital, dwindling skilled workforce, and an aging, fuel-hungry infrastructure. Now there’s a smarter way to think (a lot less) about generating steam: Steam-as-a-Service.

A Fresh Approach to Steam Generation

Steam-as-a-Service (SaaS) lets you do more with the budget you have. SaaS delivers state-of-the-art equipment, next-gen loT capabilities, and on-site operation and maintenance for a single monthly payment. All with no capital expenditures, and backed by performance and efficiency guarantees.

An All-in-One Solution From Three Global Leaders

Let the experts handle your steam so you can focus on what you do best. Armstrong International, Miura and Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) have formed a powerful partnership to bring you a smarter, easier, more comprehensive way to manage your steam requirements. Together, we have 300 years of steam industry knowledge and experience. We’re steam-generation pioneers, and innovation is our tradition.


Modular, High-Efficiency Steam Boilers

Thermal Utility Design and Optimization

Equipment Insurance and Boiler Engineering

From Bottom Line to Peace of Mind, SaaS Delivers It All

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Cost Savings

  • Lowers overall costs with one of the most fuel-efficient systems on the market.
  • Prevents problems before they happen with predictive maintenance and remote repair.

Continuous Optimization

  • Efficiency only increases, thanks to 3X the data of traditional steam loT.

No Capital Required

  • Delivered for a single, monthly, operational expense.
  • Frees up resources for other critical needs.

Expert On-Site OM&A

  • Leave your operations, maintenance, and administration to us.

No Downtime

  • Modular system keeps you running, even during an inspection or single unit failure.

Scalable, Flexible Solution

  • Modular units generate only the steam you need—when you need it.
  • Allows you to reduce your load during seasonal change or market fluctuations.

Greener Steam

  • Future-proofs your enterprise.
  • Decreases your environmental footprint with lower emissions and flexible fuel options.
  • Ensures that you’re always in compliance and prepared to accommodate regulatory changes, as they occur.

Guaranteed Solution

  • Outsources your risk.
  • Backed by performance and efficiency guarantees.

Workforce is Supplied / Retained

  • SaaS takes care of hiring and retention, eliminating the problem of finding qualified steam experts.